sluts and faggots

Since when was BBC Radio1 the least cool of all the BBC radio stations? It’s not my favourite radio station (6music wins) but surely it maintains an image of being young, hip and down with the kids. So why did they act concerned parents and try to censor Fairy Tale of New York. Why in December 2007 is the song suddenly more offensive than it was last year, when the term faggot has been used in an offensive way long before.

And why is the youngest station on the BBC censoring material? What offense would the average listener of Radio1 get from the word slut in a song they’ve heard a million times before. The use of faggot can obviously be used derogatorily and fair enough. But surely Radio1 listeners will just accept that its an old song, much in the same way that when Julie Andrews sings about being gay we know the meaning of the word has obviously changed along the way.

I am glad that the BBC changed its mind, not that it couldn’t after the response, but I don’t think this will be the last attempt of the BBC to pander to political correctness.

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