My new best friend

My younger brother was rather generous at Christmas and bought me a Diana F+ Edelweiss camera (well it was on the top of my list to santa and my brother was the only member of my family who knew what one was). I’ve wanted one for a little while and now my supplies of Polaroid have dwindled, I needed a pull-out-for-parties-and-special-occasions analogue camera.

Diana cameraAnd in another show of amazing generosity, my brother also stocked me up on 120 film, which I have been working through. I used two films up out and about at home, on the beach and at parties, and then decided to go to a Diana F+ workshop at the Lomography shop in London for the pricey sum of £5. The Lomography shop runs various workshops each month, and give you a talk on how to make the most of the camera, before letting you out on the loose in soho with a borrowed camera and a roll of film. So that’s exactly what I did. And the following pictures are the best out of those three rolls of film.

They aren’t perfect, but then thats the fun of lomography. I know what I could have done better in terms of using the camera settings, shooting in the light etc, so I’m hoping my next set will be better. But I can safely say I’m in love! Here is one of my favourite shots taken from the lomo website by Dannyfresh:

My next plan is to try out slide film and cross-processing to get the beautiful bright colours. I just need to start saving my pennies for lots of film and processing.

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