Adventures in south London: Greenwich

I never had much interest in anywhere south of the river. I lived in London for a year and was lucky enough to be able to stay in student halls in Farringdon. In terms of location, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was a five minute bus ride to Soho and Oxford street, a stroll to Angel and a slightly longer but pleasant trek to St Paul’s, where you can pass over the millennium bridge and be right in front of the Tate.

So anyway, the point of this is that when I lived in London I was spoilt in terms of location. The prospect of being a mainline train journey away from the centre of town and, heaven forbid, being south of the river seemed so pointless that you may as well not even be living in London.

My boyfriend on the other hand, grew up in south London and has long been convincing me of its merits and charms. So, we decided to put it to the test and have been exploring all the sites south London has to offer. Well, south east London for the minute.

First stop was Greenwich.

My first trip to Greenwich involved a visit to the Greenwich picturehouse cinema. I love the picturehouse chain for a much more civilised cinema experience. You certainly can’t get a decent cup of tea and a slice of cake at your local Vue, or even take a glass of wine in.

I went back to Greenwich the following day for a wander round. In the freezing February drizzle I wandered round in circles round the cobbled streets which frame the food market. I then wandered down the quieter part of the Thames where the grand naval college overlooks 60s housing estate on the other side of the river.

Of course, I took my trusty Diana F+ with me…

Greenwich thames


No idea what this place is in the background. But it seems to shimmer in this picture.

Greenwich 3A few weeks later, I went to Blackheath for a stroll round Greenwich park for its magnificent view of the city (with lomo in hand again). And I have to say, I am starting to enjoy being south of the river.

Greenwick park

Greenwich park 2

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