A photographic tour of Paris

So it may have taken me a little bit longer than planned to get my photos printed but then that’s the joy of analogue photography. I send my film off to be developed and nothing quite beats the excitement of knowing there is a fat packet of photos waiting for you at home (or maybe it is just me…)

So back to Paris. Like I said, it was my first visit to Paris and I was determined to make it feel as quintessentially as Parisian as possible from start to finish. I was even excited about getting there. We booked Eurostar tickets in advance (making it a mere £69 return) and allowed plenty of time to hang around the new St Pancras station, including an indulgent stop at The Champagne Bar. I would go as far to say it is one of the most special bars in London. The boxed seats and small lamps create an intimate space in a vast and open station. Trains to and from Paris roll in next to the seating area. Unfortunately the actual train experience on the Eurostar was more National Express than Orient Express, but I think the sublime and domineering St Pancras station makes up for it.

Needless to say I stocked up on film – a combination of Fuji Pro 400H colour film and a couple of expired Fuji Velvia 100 colour slide film for cross processing. Below are some of my favourites. Head over to my lomohome to see the rest.

ParisParis lomography 2Paris lomography 4Paris lomography 5More about Paris to come…

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