My week in pictures: Week 1

Since I got an IPhone last year, I’ve realised I take an awful lot of pictures that don’t ever go anywhere. So, I’ve decided to rather blatantly ‘borrow’ from the Observer’s ‘My week in pictures‘ feature, with an ambitious new year aim to do it every week. Although I can’t vouch for quality as they will be mainly be phone pictures.

So here we are – Monday 27th December –  Sunday 2nd January

befuddled, bemused and bewildered gameWe decided to go for old fashioned entertainment this Christmas by cracking open a new board game, Bemused, Befuddled and Bewildered and went for dividing the teams with mums vs daughters.

pictionaryMy go at a pictionary – I was rather impressed with my attempt but as yet, no one has guessed it right. humph*A trip to Brighton ended up on the pier in the arcade. I won and lost a fortune in 2ps. But nothing beats that lovely sound of pennies falling out of the machine.


It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m on balloon duty. Had a rather enjoyable new year at home with the family. But maybe rather too enjoyable, judging by how fragile I felt on New Year’s Day…

* I know you are dying to know. It’s obviously the lottery.

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